Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Choice demented Japanese avant rock moves from the leader of the exceedingly nutty Hikashu, two of who's essential recordings have been posted here previously by Jim. This terminal headscratcher consistently locates pockets of unhinged sonics within the fabric of the intentionally and often maddeningly stiff sounding, the latter mostly wrought by Makigami's vocals, which are worthy of an Enka spewing salaryman in a karaoke bar. In a way not wholly dissimilar to the Virgin Vs. LP that I posted a short while back, acid rock, lopsided new wave and utter schmaltz rub shoulders relentlessly in Makigami's polymorphous musical universe, occasionally in ways that can make you squirm. That said those willing to grapple with this fascinating hairball will find a top notch mindfuck awaiting you here.

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Anonymous said...

heh. So I noticed nobody is leaving comments when the downloads are linked to xirror.

James Barrett said...

Great Mutant Sounds, Hofmann died yesterday...could you give us a token of the deep imprint the man made on culture, society consciousness and humanity....RIP Albert and thanks.

elektrokapusciocha said...

this one saved my day! thanks and regards

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this! Hikashu was one of the first (and best!) concerts I ever went to, and they have a very special place in my heart...

Anonymous said...

I've been looking for this album for years! I can't thank you enough.

G*WORKS said...

Great post! Another in a whole series of japanese goods from the 80s. Hopes for more of same!!!

tayfunmayfun said...

since 2 days i've just listened this beautiful album especially 5.song...thanks again mutant....

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Thanks, and if anyone else is googling this a year after the fact like I am and wants the original Japanese info for the tags:

Artist: 巻上公一
Title: 民族の祭典
01 森の小人
02 国境の町
03 桑港(サンフランシスコ)のチャイナ街(タウン)
04 アルタネイティヴ・サン
05 私の青空
06 イヨマンテ(熊祭)の夜
07 おおブレネリ
08 マヴォの歌
09 赤い靴
10 不滅のスタイル

Jack Celliers said...

Head-smashing, hyperwonderful, I-have-no-words-ing. This guy is a dangerous psycho and a most talented style-master.

Japan is some country.

Many thanks!


sambson said...

And for anyone who has an interest in the English translation:

Koichi Makigami
Minzoku No Saiten (Race Festival Model)
1. Mori No Kobito (Forest Dwarf)
2. Kokkyou No Machi (Border Town)
3. Mulberry Tree China Town Port
4. Arutaneiteivu Sun (Alternative Sun)
5. Watashi No Aozora (My Blue Heaven) [George Whiting , Walter Donaldson: 1927]
6. Iyomante No Yoru (Bear Festival Night)
7. Oo Brenneri
8. Mavo No Uta (Song of Mavuo)
9. Akai Kutsu (Red Shoes)
10. Fumetsu No Style (Immortal Style)