Sunday, April 13, 2008

Alceu Valença & Geraldo Azevedo-Quadrafônico,LP,1972,Brasil

Wonderful acid drenched psych folkish mixed with tropicalia LP,creating a hypnotic psyched out atmosphere.Excellent is not enough to characterise this album! Alceu Valenca is a well-known Brasilian composer that mixes native northeastern rhythms with elements of rock and psychedelia. Geraldo Azevedo is a virtuoso guitar player who started playing with various Brazilian pop artists, and adds a melancholy, folky sort of vibe on this release. This release has a sort of breezy, easy, psychedelia that is instantly enchanting and open, with simple '60s style organ, steady groovy percussion, and interesting arrangements courtesy of composer/arranger Rogerio Duprat, who has also worked with Gal Costa, Gilberto Gil, and Os Mutantes. It was reissued back in 2005 by Mariposa label in limited quantities ,and as far as i'm informed already out of print(if different let me know so i will put the link down).

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Anonymous said...

I think this record is self-titled. Quadrafônico is the name of the label which reissued the record in 1976.

See :

Subcomandante Marcos said...

According to the link, Quadrafônico refers to the fact it is the 1976 quad channel mix.. Did anyone ever have a quad hi-fi? Personally never even seen one, apart from ads in 70's magazines :)

Anonymous said...

Forced Exposure says they have copies.. does Sounds of the Universe, Neptune Records, Larry's Corner.

Other Music also has it.

This album has been posted in several places over the last few years, even before the CD reissue hit the market.

Yes, the album is amazing indeed. I guess it's now open to a wider viewership since Mutand Sounds has now posted it?

Whatever.. anyway, here is one of those other places, with a higher bitrate: not from ms BTW, the label is Copacabana for both issues, I have the 1976 version and would love to hear this masterpiece quadraphonically as well... !

Anonymous said...

I like your blog!
thanks for posting


OxfordDickie said...

For those interested in hearing this decoded into quad, please do pop over to my blog, i'll be releasing it today