Sunday, April 13, 2008

Phallus Dei - Pontifex Maximus ,CD,1991,Germany

The history of PHALLUS DEI starts in 1988. OLIVER ST. LINGAM releases the tapes "Pigfuck" and "Per Crucem Ad Lucem" on the "Unclean"-label under the guise of PHALLUS DEI, named after an album by Krautrock legends AMON DÜÜL. Shortly after, PHALLUS DEI signed with the label Dark Vinyl, who released the first CD "Pontifex Maximus". It is amongst the most successful debuts of an Industrial band in 1991. After a successful tour with Italian Industrial legends SIGILLUM S, the personnel changed. MK. E. ,who was with them on tour, joined the band. Also, Dutch drummer / multi-instrumentalist RICHARD VAN KRUYSDIJK (who now also works with Niels van Hoorn (the Legendary Pink Dots) as STRANGE ATTRACTOR, and with Marie-Claudine Vanvlemen as SONAR LODGE) joined the band. The trio recorded several songs, later to be released on the album "Cyberflesh". JORIS HUIJBREGTS, who also features on this CD, played previously with Richard in the band Lament, and joined PHALLUS DEI a year later. Together they recorded the critically acclaimed albums "Pornocrates", "Luxuria" (feat. Gitane Demone), "Orpheus & Eurydice", as well as "Universum"; a CD by their ambient side-project PHD2. After Joris left in 1995, they continued as a trio, shifting their sound more and more towards electronica and experimental, cinematic music. A "best of"-CD ("Adorations") was released by Triple X in the USA, and after a period when the band members concentrated on different projects, they came back strong in 2001 with a new album: "Nature Mortes". As PHD2 they released their second album, entitled "Resource".
One of the best dark industrial recordings from the 90s. Dark atmosphere,chanting,,melancholy.Aided as you can see above by David Tibet,Douglas P,Paul Lemos,John Balance,Vasilisk.Not like their later recordings (very nice too but much acoustic guitar driven neo folkish tunes a-la Death In June/Current 93 style).
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