Sunday, April 6, 2008


This scene defining sonic snapshot of a compilation captures the fascinating upsurge of the mid 90's Japanese avant-prog boom in full fruition, specifically at the point where it's boundaries blur into the concurrent noise ferment of the era. Though not covering the God Mountain-associated crowd that, for me, constituted the peak of this scene (Koenjihyakkei, Bondage Fruit, Tipographica, Demi-Semi Quaver), those present and accounted for here belong to a fertile subset of raucous prog/punk/improv/noise bluster that saw little or no distribution in the west. Pride of place here instantly goes to P.O.N., a Ground Zero-related project (infinitely superior, if I may say so) whose insane spin-on-the-head-of-a-pin prog brainwarp can also be found on their eponymous CD I posted a while back. Also winning are Otomo Yoshide's synthetically tweaked dada decollage, which adopts the wonderfully bent template of his early works like "We Insist?" and "The Night Before The Death Of The Sampling Virus", O.A.D.'s dense fug of buldozing Omoide Haotoba-esque prog/funk rammalammma and Peregrini's desultory cyberpunk spasms, which sounds like a tonka toy version of Dissecting Table.


Otomo Yoshide
Soap-Joh Henshi
Live Under The Sky

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Punkzer0 said...

I'm not sure you know your blog is being ripped off by the following site:

Mine is as well and I cannot find a way to stop it. I have started moving all my links into comments and also leaving a statement which declares the source of the material

Its pissing me off big time

Unknown said...

Hey there...this is a fun one, yes. If you don't have and are interested in copies of some of the hard-to-find-if-at-all releases from any of these bands (OAD, Live Under the Sky, Soap-Joh Henshi, etc), let me know, I can provide.

mutantsounds said...

that would be much appreciated masonoise...thanks in advance
Jim Mutantsounds

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Aesop said...

Thought you might want the address of the host of downmining, the blog that has stolen from you and me, my last 35 posts, even the ones railing his site.

I wrote them and provided examples, they wrote back very fast and seemed interested in sorting it out. The site is still up but maybe if enough people complain...
I sent this to every blog I could find that has had content stolen. Pass it along.

Ivangov said...

Please re-up!