Sunday, April 13, 2008

Soap-Joh Henshi-Byoin de Go,7" e.p, 1995,Japan/Canada

3rd offering from Mason Jones:
Japanese trio whose names translates to Brothel Girl Murder .They sing a sad song about cows .All female fucked up jazz punk/pop . Released in Canada through Scratch label.Reminds me of Raincoats, Kukl, Liliput but with the unique Japanese attitude.
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Anonymous said...

This was good stuff. A little strange, but good. I guess the lost-in-tyme blog is gone. I really liked it there, but there are always a bunch of whiners searching blogs for something to complain about.

Anonymous said...

Soap-Jo Henshi also put out a pretty good CD, coupling the chunky bass/vocals and drums of the core duo with Tim Olive's heavily distorted lead bass. It's a bit like a less virtuosic take on Kato Hideki's Bass Army disc.

Glanius said...

This is an excellent album. This band had real talent, and obviously never got the credit that was due to them.
I am very grateful to you for creating this blog - it really is a veritable pyramid of Giza of rare & interesting music. The irony is, that 20-30 years ago, when much of this stuff was released, it went unheard and even if I did catch on to any of it (say if John Peel played it) chances are it would not have been available at the local record store anyway. But now in the 21st century, in the Australian outback of all places, I am able to access and listen to endless cool bands that passed me by "back in the day".
I tend to lean towards the post punkier side of your vast on-line collection. I am downloading one or two of your posts a day -- it will take me months! You are just amazingly prolific. I'll probably be still listening to certain of these downlaods in decades to come (God willing).
Good music never dies - and thanks to people like you, it doesn't fade away either - it just gets louder!!!!

shaun/tenzenmen said...

Soap-Joh Henshi were also on a double (live?) tape called Show Kai. I forget where exactly I got it now but it was something related either to a fanzine or Public Bath.

ayac said...

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