Sunday, April 27, 2008


This instantly deleted 50 copy compendium of four discreet 3" CDR's, each by a different experimental outfit (volumes 2 & 3 will follow soon) is a minor treasure trove. All four groups have amassed formidable discographies that've been disseminated through the international freak folk/improv acid jam CDR network. On Nocturnal Birds, Digitalis/Foxglove label mainman Brad Rose's North Sea proffers a typically lovely bit of bucolic pastoralism that gradually falls away in favor of esoteric harmonium-laden atmospherics full of chimes and rattles. New Zealander Stephen Clover's Seht project subjects a repetitively chiming guitar motif to systematic accretions of This Heat 'Testcard"-like tones until the whole is swallowed by an engulfing tide of hive-like digital micro-activity that'd do Pimmon proud. Keijo Virtanen has long been one of the elder statesmen of the Finnish freak/free folk axis and here, he celebrates his 50th birthday with the jam at hand. Virtanen's vast discography contains many pearls (perhaps none more so than "Soon With The Sun", which you can expect to find posted soon), but the haphazard acoustic sprawl effected by Keijo and his baked associates on the occasion of "50 Pieces Of Me", mildly ingratiating though it may be, doesn't rank as one of the highlights of his canon for moi. New York free psych blasters Heavy Winged engage in a thoroughly smothering form of monochromatic acid psychosis. The howling Tsurubami-like psychotropic black hole of "Blacc Stork" initially registered as a sonic ice cream headache, but there's a unique gravity to their form of acid rock abuse that has reluctantly won me over.

Disc one: The North Sea-Nocturnal Birds
Disc two: Seht-New Blues For Whitey
Disc three: Keijo-50 Pieces Of Me
Disc four: Heavy Winged-Blacc Stork

Get The North Sea Here

Get Seht Here

Get Keijo Here

Get Heavy Winged Here


Anonymous said...


So many thank you's for the Creeping Dawn box. I was going to request this, but figured no one who has a blog owned a copy!

At some point in the future, would you consider posting the other two volumes as well? I would be eternally grateful to listen to the other two as well.

I heard some samples over at Aquarius Records and it sounds nice, but unfortunately, as with the other two volumes, sold out almost instantly.

Hope you had a nice weekend and thanks again so much for your new posts!


Anonymous said...

definitely queer stuff, like your usual, and always much appreciated! like the gentler stuff, so parts of this magical post definitely look intriguing, thanks mutant, you're spaced, man, in a learned way... zenman

Anonymous said...

i like this strange stuff, but i think there is something wrong, cos when i download seht-new blues for whitey i get a .rar-pack called lex01 and this asked for a password.

could you help me?


Anonymous said...

i like the strange stuff on this blog very much.
but i think , there is something very special strange, cos when i download 'seht-new blues for whitey' igot a rar-pack entitled 'Lex.part01.rar and this asked for password.
can you help me?

thnx in advance


Anonymous said...

Best advice is to use the netload links. The zips seem all fine and the d/l works real well. Don't bother with the "file factory" and "uploaded to" links. The rar / r53s files they give you seem like a complete waste of time. Not sure what they even are and why they're on here. Surely megaupload would have been better?

Anonymous said...

s. said...

Eric, it's a great box set -- glad you liked it.