Tuesday, April 15, 2008


This compendium provides an intriguing window into one particular subset (a rather American intensive one) of the underground cassette network of the 80's/90's, with a particularly wide ranging remit that takes in everything from John Wiggens' electroacoustic experiments to Daniel Johnston's damaged folk to Yximalloo's cartoonish Resedential-isms to Sue Ann Harkey's very Woo-like work with the Kitchen Table Ennsemble, to Costes' foaming at the mouth dada antagonisms.


1. Heather Perkins-What You Think Will HAppen, Will
2. Ric E. Braden-Columbus Ave. 10PM
3. Jim Steele-Splatter Experience Of The Green Gods
4. Daniel Johnston-Grievances
5. John Wiggens-Timbre=Melody
6. Yximalloo-China-Pong
7. Qubais Ghazala-The Delphian Oracle
8. Frederick Lonberg-Holm-The Second Minuet
9. Costes-Oh Fortuna
10. Kitchen Table Ensemble-Exploded Views
11. Solomonoff & Von Hoffmanstahl-Banzai Noir
12. Vosch-Tunnel At Dawn
13. Philip Perkins-Remoting (excerpt from Berkeley Remote)
14. Minoy-Sspress
15. Triptic Of A Pastel Fern-Shiny Things
16. Gregory Whitehead-It Makes Me Blush...
17. Mystery Laboratory-Excerpt From V.T.
18. Bat Lenny-Delphi
19. Collapse/Relapse-Webs
20. Hope Organ-Sneaky
21. tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE-Drying Clothes Made Entirely Of Zippers (Partial Cycle)

NOTE: I've replaced the original links for this post with alternate ones, as I left in a forward slash on the jpeg titles in the original post that seems to have been fouling up some windows users.

Get pt 1 Here

Get pt 2 Here


DaveX said...

I got a lot of corrupted files in my copies. Part one was entirely corrupt, in fact-- couldn't even begin unzipping it.

Kevin said...

Mutant Sounds never ceases to amaze me. The only artist on here that I've heard of is Daniel Johnston. The rest are all new discoveries for me. Thanks for bringing the real deal as always.

Best, Kevin


vdoandsound said...

davex-Thanks for letting me know. I've re-upped alternate links. I'm guessing the issue was due to a forward slash accidentally being left in on the jpeg titles.

Anonymous said...

please re-up, massmirror not working

vdoandsound said...

Yes, this was one of the 10 or so titles that I mentioned in m most recent posts that still remain to be re-upped. Will do so soon.