Monday, November 24, 2008


The last of my three posts of Festival MIMI documents (anyone out there wanna pony up the 89 LP or the 88 Festival open stage improv cassette?) and perhaps a shade more patchy than the prior two installments, the delightful bits here elbowing for space alongside un-apropos afropop from Les Tetes Brulees, Des Antipodes' wandering improv and the nimble but slight bass and sax machinations of ex-Etron Fou-ers Ferdinand Richard and Bruno Meillier in Bruniferd (a project whose appeal I never quite "got"), but delights are clearly to be had nevertheless and for me, those specifically come in the form of Jonio, trilling and twittering avant chanteuse Catherine Jauniaux's project alongside one-time Univers Zero keyboardist Jean-Luc Plouvier, Macromassa's grunty mutant funk and entirely characteristic and choice contributions from Blurt and Iva Bittova & Pavel Fajt.

Track listing:

Bruniferd-L'Anglais Power Decouvre Les Capillaires
La Marmite Infernale-Eifu
Jonio-Le Nouvel An Birman
Les Tetes Brulees-Nadege
Des Antipodes-3 Lieder
Iva Bittova/Pavel Fajt-Svatba
Blurt-Down In The Argentines

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