Sunday, September 9, 2007


Thanks to Helga Cruel for supplying this excellent and previously unknown to me slice of East German minimal synthy weirdity, very much Der Plan's DDR doppelgangers, albeit around a decade too late to get in on the NDW action that their sensibility so reeks of, though the sorta emulator-ish Residential-ism's of France's Ptose are certainly in play here too, with Commodore 64 videogame-y bloop 'n' bleep and smurfy cartoonish synth progressions offsetting much emphatic spieling.
Top notch nuttiness.

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Tomoyuki Fujii said...

greatest posts
thank you very much!!

Anonymous said...

hi folks, find the first cassette realease "Yachtclub & Buchteln" (1986) including bonus tracks here:


Best regards to the coolest blog on net, helga cruel

p.s.: feel free to make a post out of this.

Anonymous said...

thank you very much for this great music and your hell of work, but the result is a really extraordinary blog!!!

saludos de Quito: RoBB

Anonymous said...

They are now Byetone and Frank Bretschneider releasing minimal music with beats on the raster-noton label.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a LOT!

this is a crippled version. Believe it or not, the full version was ONLY released on MusiCassette !!!
For both the LP and the CD version of "Trickbeat", they omitted a couple of songs, e. g. (my personal favorite) "Nachts Unterwegs" a cover by the Juergen Kerth Band. So if anyone has that song (B8 on the MC), please post it! Thanks! -- andy --

Anonymous said...

please re-upload!!! can't find this band anywhere on the web