Thursday, September 27, 2007

GREAT IMPERIAL YO-YO "Blink" Tape 1992 & "Chicken Island" CD 1995 (UK)

The GREAT IMPERIAL YO-YO produced some of the best guitar driven neo-psychedelic music of the 90ies.

Owing a debt to the GONG's interpretations of AME SON and OZRIC TENTACLES as well as BONZO DOG BAND's typically english sense of humor, they indulged in a freaky and quite catchy bong influenced hybrid of surrealistic dozes of hard rocking psychedelia, underground progressive and space funk.

Equipped with a devastating humor, the band launches out in space, deliriously punctuated by frenzied saturated guitars and hypnotic rhythms, fluidly floating or orientalizing. A sound, very much in the neo-psych realm, yet very fresh for the 90ies, with outstanding musicianship and well structured compositions.

PS. 1# Guitar wizzard Rat played also with Dr. BROWN on their "Another Realm" (1993) album and contributed to SHIP OF FOOLS "Out There Somewhere" (1994) LP.
2# "Blink" was re-released by belgian Crohinga Well fanzine, as part of the "Mythhs of the Ghandarva: A Lesson in Squirm" (BS006) box set, including second GIYY tape "Toe" (1994), a 12 page booklet and a yo-yo.

Get "Blink" here (part 1 & part2)…

…and "Chicken Island" there (part 1 & part2).


Dr Wommm said...

Bloody hell, I haven't heard Blink since my old tape snapped about ten years ago.

TGIYY were a fucking awesome live band back in the early 90s and I had the pleasure of sharing a fair few bills with 'em back then when I was in Skree. My abiding memory of them will always be the withering look that their synth and sampler loon gave to a drunk crusty who lurched over while we were chatting after their set and whilst flicking through TGIYY's sample discs asked "have you got Space Invaders mate?"

Nice to hear these again. Cheers.


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Anonymous said...

hello spacefreak - FYI, someone has trolled the link to part 1 of the incredible yo yo's "blink". (if you decide to re-up, please let everyone know by mentioning it in a current post.) of course, we all still have "chicken island" to check out. Thank you! -- wm2007

Anonymous said...

If these links are dead, you can download Blink! at the official Yo Yo site.

It's been remastered off the original DATs. Toe to follow.

Cheers you cheeky piddocks.

Luv The YoYos

Anonymous said...

The Gert Imperial YoYo ere again.. Toe is indeedly up on the YoYo website and can be safely downloaded into a wee crevice on yer machinery. There's also cool artwork from the annals of Angus.
So grasp the beast nooooo!

With respex