Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Is it really necessary to reiterate the genius of ex-Soft Machine/ Matching Mole magus Robert Wyatt or explain the vital necessity of any recording that documents prime lost material from his heydey? I think not. Suffice it to say that the peak moments to be found herein are purely breathtaking. Covering a period spanning 1968-1989 and taking in the full range of his variable pursuits over that long haul, this is not a 100% solid affair (he goes a bit south for me in the 80's), but that said, this is still an utterly essential document for both the loyalist and the curious newbie. Peak picks for me here would have to include a delirious 11+ minutes of the otherwise undocumented jazz rock supergroup Symbiosis (comprised of Wyatt, Gary Windo, Mongezi Feza, Nick Evans, Roy Babbington and Steve Florence), a supremely delicious version of God Song/Fol De Rol by Wyatt and Curved Air keyboardist Francis Monkman featuring some completely bonkers improv vocalizing and the heart-stoppingly lovely Soprano Derivato/Apricot Jam by a trio of Wyatt, Kevin Ayers and soprano sax master Lol Coxhill, who may well have turned in his most exquisite performance ever with his wonderfully drunken and woozy lines here; an approach to the instrument I've only ever heard Burnin' Red Ivanhoe's Karsten Vogel come close to.

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Anonymous said...

OH MY GOD!!!! I am continually amazed that a man such as this once walked the earth... and when he couldnt walk, he rolled... amazing amazing amazing

You rule, Mutants. You set the standard. Thank you AGAIN


Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this. I can't wait to get it downloaded so I can listen to it. I've been visiting your site for many months now and have enjoyed many wonderful selections so far. But Wyatt really is one of the all time greats.

Keep it Peel.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great post, first time here, great blog.

Long Island Steve

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot mutant!

Sergio said...

I love you.
Thanks. I was looking for this, I had it, real cd, left in my city many years ago. Impossible to find, no torrents, no taringa, no nothing.

Anonymous said...

Very interested to hear this. Thanks for posting it. I believe Hendrix is on the first track, but that might just be a rumor.