Monday, September 3, 2007


Following my post of what was chronologically the second release by this Japanese guitar/synth duo, here's an archival collection that actually predates that and forms a bridge between their first era, as represented by their nearly impossible to find LP "Jyo" on Vanity (which I'm dying to hear and which is supposedly extremely Fripp/Eno sounding) and the rather schizophrenic though sometimes marvelous self titled follow up from 1980 that I previously posted, which vacillated between gloriously odd little nuggets of Bernard Szajner cum Bruce Haack electronics and unctuous sympho schmaltz. As for Castle Wall, may I suggest making a beeline straight for this CD's latter half? While featuring neither the supposed Fripp/Eno-isms of their debut or the rather zany eccentricity present on their better parts of their self titled LP, the material from this point onward is decidedly commanding work, with the sizzling two part "Flying Ship" often coming close to Japan's Crimson-oid Bi Kyo Ran and the following 23+ minute title track fusing doomy sympho grandiosity with outbursts of spitting acid guitar in a way that's quite fetching and might cause you to overlook the rather turgid first half of this CD.

Get part one Here

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Anonymous said...

Totally Awesome!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for putting this up for others to get. This was my introduction to DADA and I have enjoyed it for years. Enjoy this one folks. It's a keeper!