Thursday, September 6, 2007


Almost qualifying as a private release, this CDR compilation was culled together by the folks behind the Neue Deutsche Welle cassette journal/fanzine Bleicheimer & Luftpumpe to showcase a combination of new recordings from NDW notables of the era and new outfits explicitly in the spirit of NDW and was only really available by writing to them, with no real distribution to speak of otherwise. Most odd, considering that there's some distinctly notable names contributing here; to wit: around 10 minutes of Felix Kubin in collaboration with Groenland Orchester/Nova Huta mastermind Gunter Reznicek (the only time I've spotted these post-NDW electronica luminaries in bed together), here plying a highly ludicrous narrative about beards punctuated by bursts of cartoon-tronica wackiness, current-day work by Sutterlin (whose single Jim posted a while back) and wonky latter day NDW emulators Brandstifter, to name but a few. Add in a truly choice archival NDW selection from back in the day by unknown quantity Gassenhauer and you've got the makings of a fairly winning compendium here.

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Anonymous said...

that's very funny that I'm the second time "part of the show" in this blog here
=I was involved in one of the tracks on this strange album ;)