Sunday, September 23, 2007


Barring the inclusion of two contemporary cuts by NDW acolytes Heimcomputer 80 and Echo Kitty and a latter-day overahaul of period sonics by Ullip & Gaukeli, the majority of this CDR anthology compiled by the folks responsible for the Blecheimer Und Luftpumpe cassette journal/NDW fanzine (whose Klingende Blechluft In Siedlungsgebieten compilation CDR I also recently posted) presents a cross-section of otherwise unavailable (or at least long lost) material by a several top tier Neue Deutche Welle artists. Though it's far from solid, I'm primarily posting this for it's inclusion of a handful of can't-miss cuts that are supremely worth your while, most notably a sizzling minimal synth mindbomb from unknown quantities Robert Crash/Non-Eric Spector, the pace-y and loping and vaguely dub-wise pleasure of a long lost track by Bit's (whose excellent E.P. featured Can's Michael Karoli in it's ranks, though he's not featured here), and an amorphously lovely bit of experimental electronic landscaping from Psycodellic-Ullip. This also features superb tracks from both Haushaltswaren and Anlieger Frei, though their three cuts here were already featured on the split CD of theirs that I posted a while back.

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