Sunday, September 9, 2007


This work of this idiosyncratic French composer (whose second LP "Aha" was posted by Jim a long while back and whom I'll shortly be posting several more titles by) transpires in an obsessive and wholly personal universe, her tracks usually beavering away at a particular node of sonic interest with obsessive sampled repetitiveness, her single-minded approach part of an over-arching sonic project loosely bound by a central theme of of "the new-born baby at the dawn of life", as she described it to ND Magazine long ago. This first manifestation ("concerned with whining and yelling itself out until it can be soothed") is perhaps less obvious in it's focus than some of her following missives that seem more wetly organic, though the more schematic and overtly sampler-ific approach cedes at the half-way point to more ambiguous constructs that vary from the overtly (and in context rather shockingly) thematic and musical to shearing sustained wind-tunnel blasts and a electroacoustically vivid constructs that sounds like a train ride to Hades. Fascinating and wholly singular work.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Lord Mutant
Your Generosity has no bounds.

Anonymous said...

This is a special one. Will there be more from her?

gyugi said...

great album, looking forward to hearing more :)

Memory Three said...
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vdoandsound said...

Anonymous-there will definately be more Anee Gillis on the way in the near future.

awa loizeaux zag-Jim is the one that moderates the boards and has the ability to modify the links, so that'll have to be taken care of by him. I'll remind him when he's back online, if he didn't notice this request.