Monday, September 3, 2007


Though I've never heard a peep about Masters Cosmic Music elsewhere, anyone out there thats kept an ear cocked to the sublime electronica developments that have emerged from the A-Musik/Sonig-related Cologne axis over the last 10+ years should be well aware of the truly wonderful Schlammpeitziger, an artist whose allegiance to the Cluster/Tietchens/Tyndall wing of the Sky Records aesthetic is even more self evident than those of his contemporaries in this scene. Which brings us to the album at hand, easily Schlammpeitziger's rarest. Issued back in 1994, before any real attention had consolidated around this emergent wing of German electronica, this sits at a complete right angle to any other recordings in his canon. Nope, theres no cartoonishly technicolor giddiness at work on his 4 tracks here. Rather, a completely different dimension to his work wholly abandoned thereafter: glazed and blasted kosmiche electronics of a very advanced order. Unexpectedly, it's Italy's Masters Cosmic Music who pull the proceedings closer to the anticipated Cologne electronica template, with a delicately chiming, tinking and blipping trifecta that brings to mind nothing so much as what To Rococo Rot's Stefan Schneider would be getting up to some five years later with his Mapstation project.

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Anonymous said...

Many thanks for this. Just coming back to Schlammpeitziger's work amongst a re-enthusiasm and excitement about 90s Cologne musics. This is great, and IMO not as far from his subsequent work as posited in the post. MCM wonderful too. Discogs mentions a CDr as only other recording, though unfortunately no sign of that in the blogosphere...