Thursday, September 20, 2007


This French electronic prog trio's maneuvers take in some of the dimensions of the Heldon-lite side of the this continuum (think Patrick Vian, Ose and Claude Perraudin), but never particularly play up the spaciness angle, instead fusing these tendencies with occasional bouts of proggy keyboard lushness and vaguely funky/commerical gambits which means there's a decided cheese factor at play here. That said, it's decidedly high quality fromage and bound to please those predisposed to these sort of questionable pleasures, a group I'd count myself amongst.

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Anonymous said...

I'm liking Puzzle, I am quite partial to top shelf fromage myself!

thank you!

Sean Wholey said...

I don't find this cheesy at all minus a few electro hand claps. It's actually pretty unclassifiable. I have a hard time trying to figure these guys out, although they do sound French. It's as if Pinhas is jamming with ZNR! They remind me alot of another mutant post: the Chicago band Eardance. Claude Perraudin a bit yes and there was an amazing band out of Boston named Regressive Aid that they remind me a lot of. They are very unpredictable and very original and creative following no creative guidelines that I am aware of or that I would think they would have heard of. I just got a copy for myself off Ebay. If anyone knows what became of the musicians after this or before this I would love to know. Highly recommended! Incredible stuff.

Sean Wholey said...

Another point of reference might be Aksak Maboul or Honeymoon Killers and if anyone knows of another great Boston band Birdsongs of the Mesozoic. Maybe even a little Wall of Voodoo. There's definitely a playful/wistful element to these guys.

Anonymous said...