Monday, January 22, 2007

John Bender- Plasters Falling + Pop Surgery LPs,USA,1981/2

In the early eighties, John Bender did three albums of minimal lo-fi electronics with vocals *** these are his second nd third album2, from 1981 and 1982 respectively, on Record Sluts (RS 003-RS004)
Plasters Falling*(1981)

In a plain white sleeve, with a handwriting on the back stating this was Record Sluts 003, Plaster Falling by John Bender.The album sleeve was covered in plaster and you had to cut the sleeve open to get the record out. It was brilliant music.

Pop Surgery(1982)

A change in style (more experimental), better sound quality as well, but still very Bender and a brilliant album. In its professionaly printed fold out sleeve, it looks almost like a release by a major, but on the back it reads: Record Sluts 004.

Absolutely winning, home-brewed experimental electronic pop, presented in impeccable, homemade fashion!References: Ike Yard, Food and Shelter, Men/Eject, Charles De Goal, Nurse With Wound, United Dairies, Pinakotheca, Vanity Records.
RS001 is the John Bender "i don't remeber now..." LP and RS002 the compilation Cincinatti on record LP coming soon in this blog!


Anonymous said...

wonderful. These are real gems. Thanks!

Mystery Poster said...

Oh my GOODNESS!! These are amazing, especially the Pop Surgery. The other one that is posted on FM-Shades is also really really terrific. I have been converted to the Church of Bender very quickly - please post any and every thing you have, sir.


mutantsounds said...

thanks for your kindness mystery poster....i already have both baby buddah and the complete units discography ....since the mid 80s...keep the good work to your blog....but pleeeeeeeeseeeeeeeee use mediafire:)

Rod said...

thanks for putting these up, I've been trying to track them down since I picked up "i don't remember" a couple of years ago. btw- rs002 is a live velvet underground compilation. I know of the other LP you speak of, but don't recall the company info. Any chance you can track down the 6 cassettes he put out as well?

Anonymous said...

Great to see people out there loving good music and sharing the rarities. This is a treasure, thank you!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this. I was on my way to dj at a local college station when I heard the first song from the pop surgery album. I had to throw it on! Thank you for bringing amazing tunes to the world!

Bart Trotman said...

Mutant Sounds, thank you for this and Geoffrey Landers. I thought I'd found the best thing ever when I discovered Brian Eno many years ago.... But this stuff has just kept the inspiration flowing out of me. If anyone hear has got the time to take a chance on an unknown -- I really think you'll like my albums, under the project name Workday/Schoolnight. I have a blog where they and albums of friends are available. Please feel free to visit and download for free. The past is an amazing rich place, but don't forget about what's going on in creative people's heads today.

thank you mutant sounds

Anonymous said...


You cribbed my description of Plaster Falling from my eBay auction ("Absolutely winning... etc.")

Not a complaint, just glad you agree that it describes the genius of Bender accurately.

Awesome blog -- keep at it!

rob in chicago

Anonymous said...

Great Stuff. Do you know if there is another recording of plasters falling around? i tried to master it a bit and saw, that
the volume level of the left channel ist very low, which might be a reason for the bad sound quality.


Anonymous said...

My biggest Philly record blunder was leaving behind JOHN BENDER "Plaster Falling" for $20 when I lived down the block in 2000.


akita mata said...

I found John's music when I was just getting interested in electronics. Needless to say, I Don't Remember is unforgettable. I listen to it every few weeks (mp3), as well as enjoying Plaster Falling (mine had a pull string that had to be removed in order to access the disc, way cool!)and Pop Surgery is a seminal classic of the genre. I thought I was the only JB fan, but now I realize his genius is much appreciated. Love and peace, Akita Mata

Anonymous said...

incredible music!
meat in "pop surgery" is dubstep 20 years before dubstep!
thank you for all the amazing stuff you post.
your blog rocks!
greets from italy

soundmansion said...

This is great stuff, thanks. One issue though: there are Windoze system sounds in "Nor Side" on Plaster Falling ... evidently from the digital transfer process. Glad to have such rare music, but that's a big pet peeve of mine. Anyone know of a better transfer?

Fuji said...

Was at the record store the other day and noticed that there has been a reissue of both of these.