Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Ruth's refrigerator:Suddenly a disfigured head parachuted+A lizard is a submarine on grass,LPs ,UK ,1990/91

Ruth's Refrigerator was a short-lived collaboration between Leicester, England-based neo-psychedelic guitarist/songwriter Alan Jenkins (formerly of the Deep Freeze Mice and the Chrysanthemums) and the British indie pop band Po! (not to be confused with American alt-rockers P'o). The members were Jenkins, namesake singer/guitarist Ruth Miller, keyboardist Blodwyn P. Teabag (whom Jenkins later married), bassist Terri Lowe, and drummer Robyn Gibson. Ruth's Refrigerator released two fine albums' worth of jangly psych-pop, 1990s Suddenly a Disfigured Head Parachuted and 1991's A Lizard Is a Submarine on Grass, but was never meant to be a full-time project. Miller and Lowe returned to Po!, and Jenkins, Teabag, and Gibson went on to form the Creams.
Stewart Mason, All Music Guide
The Deep Freeze Mice(one of my favorite bands) sound in the '90s!
For (well, some....,very litle...) records by DFM visit the garage/psych Lost-In-Time blog(see my links).Also tell me if you have any requests on DFM nd related stuff.


ellanios said...

spoudaio doro muta.

Anonymous said...

thanks so much! Very appreciated to let the world know about this great band.

L said...

I stumbled upon this band a few years ago but couldn't find their records. THANKS so much for these- can't wait to listen. PO! seems even more difficult to track down.

Alex Gray said...

Stumbled upon this post many months later! Thank you very much for the second album, I actually have both of these on CD but the second has a crack (I haven't a clue how that happened) and doesn't play very well. You've saved me many agonising hours with Exact Audio Copy!

Anonymous said...

Highly underrated a band. Just relistened to the CD I have: great production + the female vox sound a bit like Broadcast.

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