Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Second Set Of Obscure DIY Classic 7"

SA55:Compromised/Love is blind
In the top-10 UK DIY 7"!A masterpiece and totaly unkown
To the Finland Station :Domino Theory e.p.
Another gem!

Moskow :Man from U.N.K.L.E

Pete Fender and the 4 Formulas :4 track e.p.
Vi Subversa's (Poison girls) son .Later formed Fatal Microbes/Rubella Ballet.

The Decorators:Pendelum & Swinge
Their first and best 7"

The Freeze:In colour e.p
Andy Ross's First band.Their 1st 7".A psych/punk masterpiece!

The Apartments:Return of the Hypnotist e.p
Their first 7" from 1979 on Able label (AUSTRALIA).Conections with Go betweens.A forgoten masterpiece!
ATTIC:All plans exist e.p.
The group from South Specific compilation LP(posted earlier here) in their first magnificent e.p. .2 more followed.

Note all the 7" are from UK (except the Apartments) and were released between 1979-1982).For more infos contact me.


Anonymous said...

File, mas dielyses!!
Eixe xathei kathe elpida na vrethei kati ap' ola ayta.. Ta eixa afisei pisw ekei sta 80's.....
Na sai kala!!

mutantsounds said...

ki esy na sai kala na ta akous...oti thes pes mou

Anonymous said...

Ti na sou leo tora, nasai kala kai kali synexeia.
Sxetika me Deep Freeze Mice mia paraklisi, mou leipoun ta:
"Rain is when the earth is television"
"War, famine, death, pestilence and Miss Timberlake" kai
"The tender yellow ponies of insomnia"
Yparxei elpida?
Edo makria pou vriskomai (Kina) ta posts sou einai thisavros.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the apartments - never thought I would have the whole thing again. Any chance of a special lot of uploads to celebrate Australia Day on the 26th January - you have already produced so many rare classics of Oz music

Anonymous said...

That Apartments EP is so very rare. Never thought I'd get to hear it and now I have.

Thanks so much from an English fan of The Apartments.

Morgan FitzPatrick Andrews said...

Can you post a track list for this? It didn't transfer in the download.

45 Revolutions said...

I love that SA55 record!

Michael Kardamakis said...

you really have way too much records... den prolaveno na katevazo oles tis posts.. haha.. give yourself a break

Anonymous said...

The Freeze and theire song "Psychodalek Nightmares" are EXTRA ...but who is Andy Ross?

Anonymous said...

As the last post has just said (well, seven months ago), the Freeze were fantastic ... just listening to Psychodalek Nightmares for the first time since my record deck crapped up years back .. thanks so much!

But who is Andy Ross? A good question indeed, as neither of the Freeze's two singles make any mention of him ...

Here, for the record, is the only info I have, drawn from the two singles which I still have and my memories of having seen them live several times in Edinburgh (Scotland) in 1979-80.

The Freeze were a Scottish new wave band reminiscent of early Ultravox!, based in Edinburgh and active between 1979 and 1980. Band members were:

Gordon Sharp: vocals and haircut;
David Clancy: guitar and backing vocals;
Keith Grant: bass and backing vocals;
Graeme Radin: drums.

Roy Jack added violin to the first single; Sandy Cruikshanks of "Nassau" added saxophone to the second single.

The band released two singles, both recorded at Craighall Studios in Edinburgh and released on A1 Records, 4 Priory Road, Linlithgow, West Lothian.

The first single, released sometime in 1979, was the In Colour EP. Tracks:
1. Paranoia
2. For JPS (with love and loathing)
3. Psychodalek Nightmares.

The second single, released in January 1980 was:
1. Celebration (dedicated to Louise Brooks, who featured on the cover)
2. Cross-over.

Haven't been able to play them for years, but I remember that the second single was also great - just don't have any way to rip them to mp3 ...

Hope this is useful and efkaristo! Cheers, Dave Sez.

PS: And who was Andy Ross?

Anonymous said...

A search of youtube for poster "TheScottishFreeze" (without quotemarks) will produce audio tracks of the Freeze's two Peel sessions, 1979 unreleased demos, their second single and some low-quality live recordings .. go get! Cheers, Dave Sez