Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Modern Art- Oriental Towers,1983+Underwater Kites,1982,tapes UK

Following my post ages ago of their Age of lights tape here are the first 2 Modern Art tapes. "Modern Art (sometimes spelled Mødern Art) was a psychedelic rock band formed by Gary Ramon in the 1980s. It had a loose lineup that never played gigs but did see the release of two studio albums and a number of self-produced cassettes. Ramon disbanded the group out of a desire "to make a more live-sounding group that could go out and play". Many Modern Art members subsequently joined Ramon in various incarnations of his new band, Sun Dial."
from Wikipedia
These 2 here are more post punkish influenced reminding early Echo and the Bunnymen,Joy Division ,etc. Guitar,drum machine and keyboards creating a calm yet dark atmosphere ,sometimes psychedelic and no way mellow.Trully great lost gems!
get them here and here


anthony said...

Hello from Australia! This is an excellent site, I especially love your minimal synth posts.
If you have the album by Friz Be called "Hmmm..." can you please post it, that would really be appreciated.
Thanks a lot

vdoandsound said...

anthony-Friz Be will be appearing here in the the not-too-distant future.

Anonymous said...

Age Of Lights is one of my most listened releases I've found here ever.

Absolutely wonderful to see some more Modern Art posted, I thank you!

Sotiris said...

O Gary Ramon apo tous Sun Dial.. E, tipote den einai tyxaio... Exairetika kai ta dyo... Thanks

Anonymous said...

I'm really enjoying these cassettes from the UK. CHEERS.

eduardo castellanos said...

thanx a lot for your time and your tunes! this site is unpriced.
greetings from oaxaca & barcelona.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful to see such hard to find treasures here. Thanks for sharing this,

Anonymous said...

Links are dead, FYI. Would love to see this re-upped if possible!

bibbi gix said...

Dear Mutant Sounds-
Words can not express just how utterly grateful I am for your generosity and exquisite taste. Despite this infinite gratitude, I do have one request. I have recently fallen head over heels in love with Age Of Lights by Modern Art. My heart aches to be able to download and listen to these here two other MA tapes you posted here but the links seem to be non functional. Is there any way you could pretty please be so kind as to refresh the functionality of these links somehow? PLeeeeeeeaaaase? Oh that would be so rad if you could make this dream of mine a reality. Much love, Bibby

BPP said...
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Anonymous said...

I learned anout Modern Art because I was a big Sundial fan. I heard the three tapes here and I love them, especially 'kites'!
If you have any more could you please put it up? I've learned of a few more albums and I'm trying unsuccessfully to find them:

opera multi steel & modern art
Full Tilt at the Chocolate Factory
All Aboard the Mind Train

Anonymous said...

Very bummed Modern Art's Oriental Tower + Underwater Kites ..says error. Any chance you can re post these. Pleeeese!!! I depend on my Mutant Sound.

pj said...

These posts were from my original rips, so here are new links for both of them.

For anyone who has downloaded them already these are better rips as the others were not true stereo due to a problem with my recorder.

Anonymous said...

more modern art please:

pre-modern art
guitars on fire
color tape + disc related music
etc. thanks!!

Anonymous said...

Full Tilt at the Chocolate Factory can be bought at

awesome tape label and he still makes tapes to order

Mushinske said...

Has anyone found any other Modern Art tapes they care to share? Or did anyone mange to get that vinyl that was recently released?

Unknown said...

Would you be interested in selling either of these cassettes? I would love to have them. Please email me if you are interested or not.

The Mighty Louche said...

Hi! I've been scouring online shops for Modern Art albums, but the releases are either ridiculously limited editions long since sold out, or vinyl editions that don't come with a download code. (They weren't even vinyl releases to begin with! These vinyl fetish fascists are becoming a right nuisance.) Anyway, I was hoping I could download some Modern Art here, but the links are dead. Any chance of re-upping them? I would be tremendously grateful if you did! Seems your blog is the only place doing Gary Ramon the service of actually putting his stuff out there...