Monday, January 22, 2007

L'Aventure Imaginaire- La Fin de l'innocence LP RP 10217

Another crown Jewel of the minimal electronics scene from the early 80s.Although French name and title the band is from Germany.A member is/was involved in the Schaten und Eins project.Released privately , in 1980.No other info available.

Info update:The poeple involved were Nicole Zunker and Joachim Stender. He was also member of P16.D4 and the wonderfull 'Schatten unter Eis' .

A masterpiece!


Anonymous said...

Thanx for this post. 'Wunderbar'. L' Aventure Imaginaire were a band from Augsburg in south germany (my hometown ;-)))) and the lp you posted is from 1980.

The poeple involved were Nicole Zunker and Joachim Stender. He was also member of P16.D4 and the wonderfull 'Schatten unter Eis' (<- this is probably the band you mentioned in your post)

You can find some cover scans here:

Thanx again for the wonderfull post(s) of some minimal synth classics (system 56 and transparent illusion). have a nice day and greetings from Augsburg.

mutantsounds said...

thank you very much!

Mystery Poster said...

You are ON FIRE with your Minimal Synth Lots of the other stuff you post is also quite excellent. I am a big fan of you and your Mutant Sounds!

I will be ripping my LP of The Units "Digital Stimulation" soon and posting it at Mystery Poster.

Can't get enough of this stuff. Likewise thank you for the Transparent Illusion, this, and many more - like all the obscure progressive things!


Mystery Poster said...

This one is great! Check out the Baby Buddha and Units (especially the Units!!) posts on my blog, they rock a similar sphere as this excellent and rare piece of synth action here. I really like L'Aventure Imaginaire.


Anonymous said...

Actually, Joachim Stender was not a member of P16.D4. He's the founder of P.D., which split into P16.D4 and Permutative Distorsion at the end of 1980. Joachim was in the Permutative Distorsion branch. Only Ralf Wehowsky continued on both sides.

Joachim Pense

Anonymous said...

I would be really grateful if you could re-up the link to this LP as it appears to be dead.


Anonymous said...

Hello, can you post some schatten unter eis stuff? Thanks.

Sybil said...

can you please reupload?

Anonymous said...

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