Sunday, June 17, 2007


This brainburning floorsucking acid mindbomb's unprecedented conflation of liquidly phasing astral keys, searing sustain guitar and unhinged avant-rock structural permutations is one for the ages. You can catch bits of everything from The Cosmic Jokers to Bomis Prendin to The High Fidelity Orchestra to Arthur Brown's Kingdom Come within this kaleidoscopic cyclotron. Strong, strong medicine. Avoid operating heavy machinery when caught in it's vortex. His second album (with his name altered to Denis Wize) will follow tomorrow...

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Anonymous said...

Can't wait to hear this one. Will comment when I have.
On another note, it seems the only hope I have of getting a reply is to post comments in the most recent posts. I have unanswered questions about the faults in the Jean-Louis Bucchi and Grupo Fongus downloads, which have skips, and also a very long-running unanswered question about the old J.A. Caesar posts. What do I have to do to get someone to reply? I try to be as polite as I can but it gets me nowhere. Seeing as all posts have to be approved by the blog owner before they appear, and all my questions have appeared, I can only presume you're reading my questions and just ignoring them. Please respond. I just want communication, I don't think I'm making unreasonable demands. I've enjoyed your blog immeasurably, except for the lack of communication.

Anonymous said...

Having the vague sense of not being listened I repeat: "I demand Palo Alto" (note word weight)

vdoandsound said...

Chris-It might be down to your leaving comments about posts that Jim has made on comment boards for posts that I've made, so it's possible that Jim hasn't seen your message and of course I'm not able to address technical issues with posts I've not made myself, nor do I know up from down vis a vis the order of the discs in the J.A. Seazar downloads. Wish I could offer something beyond that.

Tryfex-Evidently you missed my reply to the last time you issued a demand, so I'll repeat it: "tryfex-then try standing on a street corner and shouting for it. No one likes hearing the words "I demand" and no one here is going to be receptive to your saying them. Tact is a valuable thing to learn in life." (note word weight).

mutantsounds said...

concerning J. A, Seazer post ,i've send a reply when first asked but seems my comment went to cyberspace,last somewhere till it finds it's way home.anyway,,you have to download all the parts of JA Seazer post in order to open the big rar file that is splitted in 7 parts.This is the only way you can get the LPs you are missing.Otherwise contact me via e-mail tell me which are the missing ones and i'm sure we can arrange a way you could get them.
i totally agree with what Eric writes.If you want something request it kindly , cause any kind of rude demand will possiibly not be satisfied (at least from my side) even if i was planning to post trhe item on demand

Anonymous said...

Listening to this album, you can tell that Denis Wize is a very talented guy with lots of ideas. This album probably would have even been better if he would have had a better studio and a bigger budget. But it's obvious that back in 1979 few people recognized this talent and the music industry was too busy funding
"rebellious corporate" music like Blondie.

It's just like today, the music industry is totally dead because instead of supporting real artists and real rebels of art, they are too busy making deals with "rebellious corpoarate" music machines like Moby, Air, and Fatboy Slim and so on. The biggest goals for those "musicians" is to have their music featured in a Gap television advert. Or in Daft Punk's case, dancing in a Gap advert, dressed up in a robot suit with Juliette Lewis. Yuck!

As Gil-Scot Heron said, "The revolution will not go better with Coke".

Thanks for the interesting album!

Ingrid X.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jim and VDO,
thanks very much for your replies! It can be tricky, I imagine, keeping track of blog comments with such a large and busy blog, so I'm glad I'm not pissing you off by asking repeatedly about stuff. [At least I hope I'm not!]
Thanks for the info about the J.A. Seazer posts - I don't think I'll be downloading all 7 [links may be dead by now anyway] but it's good to know they were all linked together. Expect to hear from me soon by e-mail - I just found your e-mail address on your site. When I have time to I'd like to send you some music to post here, to give something back after all I've received from you folks and your awesome collections.

Anonymous said...

Everytime I try to download one of these files via the massmirror site, the various 'linked sites' just take me to their UPload/login page, even rapidishare. How do you get to the DOWNload part of the file via massmirror since there is nothing saying 'download file' or anything? Help!

gd said...

wow, this album is really great.
cant wait to hear any of his other stuff.


steve said...

oh man...this is the shit

house303 said...

Took me some time to have an interest in this title but it's never too late to open ones eyes and ears for that matter...
Thanks a lot!

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