Wednesday, June 20, 2007


BEEFHEART. There. Now I hopefully have your attention sufficient to overlook one of the most woefully ill-advised names ever adopted by a truly great group (more redolent of a Joe "King" Carrasco cover band than a sublime art damage unit). But let me say it again....Beeefheart. Next to Sweden's Kraldjursanstalten (also forthcoming here), Canada's Polkaholics were, to these set of ears, the most explicitly dead-on Beefheart-ian sounding group ever, their musical thrust taking a bat chain puller to a heap of crow's ice cream and flinging it headlong onto the postpunk rocks. Brace yourselves.

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Anonymous said...

Well, I think the Polkaholics is a perfectly respectable band name, and would've gotten it for the name alone even if not for the Beefheart connection!

(By the way, about the only other band besides the esteemed Kraldjursanstalten I've heard that actually does resemble Beefheart is Rustic Hinge, whose LP titled, no kidding, _Replicas_ has a very strong Beefheart vibe.)

Anonymous said...

hello Eric
I've tried to contact you several times, even using the "read receipt" option, but didn't get any answer... Yet I've seen that the High Fidelity Orch was downloaded twice, so I hope you got some of my mesaages! Would you please confirm me? using or
A request: do you still have a link to Pauvros/Anne Dreyfus? I had downloaded it, but now I've lost it in a HD crash! and do you have Gravity Adjusters Expansion Band /One? (link expired)

Anonymous said...

Have you never noticed that you can take any Beefheart song and turn it into a polka?