Thursday, June 14, 2007

Gutura- Des Etres Au Cerveau Apparent ,LP,1980,France

The only album by this bizarre French combo, Des Etres au Cerveau Apparent, relates both to RIO and slight punk influences, an approach that brings up Etron Fou Leloublan to some extent and their influence, Captain Beefheart, less so. But Gutura doesn't exactly sound like either, and it's more that the rock structures have that sort of strange freedom that both groups hold in common. Gutura has a pretty wild female vocalist who hoots, hollers and flat out screams as the guitars, drums and bass ramble bizarrely over a music whose internal structure must only be known to the musicians themselves. It seems like the anarchic experiments of Faust must have been an influence, especially on the first album, or even some of the freer jammy bits of Tago Mago period Can. The sort of rambling bizarrity is likely to appeal to those with tastes on the left, although there are not a lot of guideposts to grab onto here. Fascinating music overall with an uncommon originality, while at the same time not evincing much of the memorable. It's one to grab and hold on tight while listening.

Mike McLatchey 15-September-2002 For

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Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot, Jim Mutant, I was searching for this one for quite a long time!! And congratulation for you amazingly active blog.

Anonymous said...

Great album. Is there anyway I can get a tracklisting?