Thursday, June 21, 2007

Mrs Higginbottom-Rules Of Thumbs ,MLP,1983,USA

Here's the description from an EBAY seller,which is as close to the facts as possible:"Unbelievably rare minimal synth masterpiece from San Francisco. This is still pretty much an unknown, selling $400+. As for a description of the music, I'll crib it word for word from our man GOUTROY:Whoa buddy.... Here's one you don't see... ever. It's a completely unknown, self-released, virtually uncredited EP called Rules of Thumbs by SF's minimal electronic god(s) Mrs Higginbottom. Six tracks of almost pure analogue electronics full of knob twiddling, key banging, and drum machines. It was released in 1983. Five of the tracks are instrumental, and one has great female vocals, sounding like a slower, loungier early Human League. There's one kinda rock/postpunk song (the only one with primarily guitars) that sounds like an instrumental New Order song. Then there's Fugue of the Feeding Hand, an incredible dark electro track. Imagine Iron Curtain's song Condos, but with no vocals. But nothing compares to the sheer synthmasturbation (hey! A new word!) contained on Gnawing Conscience. It's a few minutes of drum machines and analogue synth twiddling to the Nth degree. Yes, there is something on here for every minimal synth nut. "

Absolutely great post punk with minimal synth edges .
After composer's compain link is removed .Please check in comments for legal d/l of this gem.


Anonymous said...

I love it, thanks a lot for posting! Could you please tell me the tracks order?

ommyth said...

Yes, please! A tracklisting would be much appreciated.


Anonymous said...

Wow. Your synthmasturbation description sums it up well for those knowing what ya mean. Thanks for all you do too.

Joe Don Baker Dozen

Anonymous said...

Great, thanks. Really unique. There is one more from 1984 and it's called "That 'je ne sais quoi'". Have that one, too?

brandumb said...

This is so good.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

According to the old eBay auction description, the track order is:

01. Culprit Of Love
02. Gnawing Conscience
03. Fingerdance Of The Law
04. Cordless Indoctrination
05. Fugue Of The Feeding Hand
06. The Scentense

Anonymous said...

From Mrs. Higginbottom's Holographic Estate:

If you'd like a better recording from the master, please email me directly at

Anonymous said...

Dear fans and enemies alike,

How would you like to have your stuff stolen and sold by someone you don't even know?

According to the above, one of my albums sold for 400 american units of currency. However, I did not see any of it. That is not my complaint. but
the album here is posted illegally without my permission. I have the copyrights from 1983. Also, I have contacted Tecnocrati and they are taking their time about it. It is illegal to download this album without my permission: I am the composer and owner of the music. The album is on AKME records, not specified above.

If you would like to download and would prefer cuts LEGALLY recorded directly off the ANALOG MASTER TAPES, please contact and also visit for news about upcoming feature films and recordings from the AKME label.

again, contact us direct at

TymexPyres said...

Iam sure this is not the best time to say this , but the other Lp is up on Ebay now with much time not left to get it. The album is about to fetch a pretty penny too.

Anonymous said...

There is no more higginbottom org. Footmaiden will not respond after many,many,many months, so I say repost this so we can hear it. I want to hear this and I think it is only fare that it should be reposted when footmaiden is not keeping their end of the agreement...

Anonymous said...

Nothing changed on the 'copiright owner' side. This music will be washed out from knowledge if this man is soooooooooo incompetent.

Unknown said...

I currently have both of their albums for sale in very good condition on ebay if anyone is interested.

Anonymous said...

sent many inquiries to higgingbottom.
no dice, no reply. kindly repost this because i'm a mutant damnit & i should at least get to hear it

Anonymous said...

Fans! A new Mrs. Higginbottom recording is now available for all to hear for free. Go to for her new release, Mee2pia. It's incredible.

genericPlacebo said...


just jumped thru those hoops to sign up above,

no search gleans any Mee2pia
wish i could hear it...

oh well
(my definition of art has something to do with making it available to all possible)