Sunday, June 24, 2007

Nine Circles-st ,LP/CD,1982(?),Netherlands

One of the best Netherlands minimal synth bands.In Snowy Red,ADN Ckrystall vein.Check their tracks in Radionome compilation (included here) .Do not really know if this is an official release from 1982 or a later compilation of unreleased stuff.By all means great!

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This is an official release, which came out in 1996/7. Recorded at the Radion Nome Session. It has a barcode which belongs to the defunct Discordia Label but Primary Records sells it themselves.

Anonymous said...

awesome, I've been itching to hear their album work since "Radionome", thanks again!
And is it just me, or has the excellent new Laserbeak blog vanished?!

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Unknown said...

this is lidia fiala singer and com, together with peter van garderen we are nine circles. i am happy to say that soon there wil be a 7 inch out with the live concert
also there will be 30 new numbers come out thank you for the compliments lidia the rose

Anonymous said...

I'm dutch myself and I never heard of them 'till now, thanks to you.
Me and my friend always said that LADYTRON (from the UK) would've been inspired by MISTRAL (another dutch band) or probably listened to 'm, but since I've heard this I must say that they maybe kinda copy this duo. Both sounds a lot like each other (especially Ladytron's first album). What a find!!! Thanks a lot!!!