Saturday, June 16, 2007


As requested a while back, this minimal synth magnum opus is another crowning achievement in the career of Tom Dokoupil (Siluetes 61, Quick Culture, Wirtschaftswunder etc), Die Partei's slapp-happy yet streamlined Neue Deutsche Welle electro-doink fiesta brilliantly amalgamating many of my absolute favorite tendencies in experimentally oriented electro-pop in a way that sounds like Pyrolator coming and visiting Severed Heads' big bigot at Picky Picnic's pachinko parlor.

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Anonymous said...

this record blew my mind! thanks for posting.

Crash The Driver said...

this record is incredible . . and far ahead of it's time. i had to check the abck cover just to be sure it was actually rcorded in 1981. any chance of other Tom Dokoupil -related posts? (I have Die Radiere.)

Thanks for the great NDW / Minimal Synt posts!

Anonymous said...

In a way cool as "Computerworld" from Kraftwerk, i am ashamed : Walter Dahn is not only an artist, he is as cool as much as possible, this record will survive together with the incredible Kippenberger, he also made mad music.
Very thanks

pilastr said...

Is there a decent bio on Tom Dokoupil anywhere? His own web site has vanished. There's an archive of it dated June 20, 2008*/

It lists Siluettes 61, Die Partei, and then Wiwu, and Fimmusik. That's all.

Discogs cites him as a member of "Slinky Gym School" with a 12" and 7" called "Crazy Sneaker".

Then this description mentions "Quick Culture" as one of his projects.

How's a kid supposed to be completist?!

Anonymous said...

Haven't heard this in 30 years - off a C-90 tape. Thanks for sharing this piece of history. RJR -Chicago

Anonymous said...

Any chance of a re-up? Also, thank you so much for your work in general, and for the steady(-ish) flow of great NDW-weirdness in particular.