Monday, June 25, 2007

JUNG ANALYSTS – Sprockendidootch,LP,1985,UK

Junk Analysts is a project of Terry Burrows.Terry Burrows(Chrysanthemums,Yukio Yung,Push utton Pleasure,etc) is a London-based singer / songwriter / multi-instrumentalist with an apparently limitless appetite for both pseudonyms and side projects. Aside from his best-known alias Yukio Yung, which he first used in the mid-'80s as one third of the psych-pop Chrysanthemums, Burrows has released instrumental prog rock as Push-Button Pleasure, acid house dance mixes as YooKo, and free-jazz-influenced pop-art experiments as the Jung Analysts. To top it all off, Burrows has released albums of avant-garde minimalism under his own name. All of this is in addition to his day job as a prolific author of computer manuals and music instruction books.Much distorted pop(?!) muziq here in the Swell Maps.TVPs vein.Note this is ripped as side 1 and side 2 tracks seperated.

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Anonymous said...

ACK! Mass mirror link expired! Re-up! Re-up! ACK!

n-rich said...

Don't know how I missed this last October, but so glad I found it eventually. (The rate you guys upload stuff is amazing - I can't keep up!)

And what a classic album this is - still one of my most treasured pieces of vinyl. Terry Burrows is a genius.

Have you got Wishing Balloons as well?