Saturday, June 16, 2007

DsorDNE - Grafio Ricerca 002,tape,1989,Italy

Excellent Release from well-produced Italian artistsSnowdonnia tapes became briefly popular for one shining moment when they first released a split 7" with LegendaryPink dots on one of their rare Premonition volumes.. The7" was extremely limited and the b side was split with Dsordne.
This cassette was marketed as the ambient side of Dsordne..That is when compared to their full LP release and their othercassette Carceri all of which consisted of a more rhythmic nature.
1) Cielo (In ascencione) - Superb spirits drifting type soundtrack reminiscient of some Goblin material
2) Terra Del Fuoco - Can't help but compare to Brian Eno... Another Green World material.......but way better
3) Acqua - Sampled Noise combined with ominous soundtrack Really top-notch dream material
4) La Voce 2 - Just a filler track really. Halloween nightmare stuff5) Il respiro - IF you like Ain Soph then you will love this track. Creepy and disturbing
6) Interno - still more Ain soph'ness
7) Stammheim - Possibly my fave experimental track of all time. This track is extremely frightening. This song has to defeat Coils "Hellraiser" themes for spooky effects..... and so well produced
8) La Forma - a taste of Dsordne rhythmic side......
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