Sunday, June 24, 2007

Paolo Tofani - Indicazioni,LP,1977,Italy

Paolo Tofani made a solo record that probably would make Robert Fripp or Henry Kaiser raise their eyebrows and maybe even blush from envy. It is partly played on a Les Paul mounted with an EMS prototype guitar-synth, making sounds that I have not heard anywhere else! - Michael Bohn Fuglsang
An extrordinary experimental LP by AREA's former guitarist.A classic by any means!His other LP Electric Frankestain coming soon!
note: link removed, as although the Japanese CD reissue appears to be sold out, it is still currently available via itunes.


Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention that this is on the infamous Nurse With Wound list! Yeah!

Anonymous said...

A wonderful record, cheers for the post/s!

fuzztunnel said...

this is great (except for that five minutes of a woman whispering in italian... annoying!).
Thanks, and looking forward to the Electric Frankenstein!

michael said...

Its available as a legit CD-release from japan , cramps diverso n.8
so no matter how much I would like everyone to hear this fantastic piece of music. You should buy it!
And read this:

Anonymous said...