Thursday, June 28, 2007

V/A:Three Times A Day,2x45 tape,1982,

"A magnificent double tape package featuring some of the finest music that's about at the moment. From all over the globe the hits just keep on coming and the variation of styles makes it an intriguing insight into the different directions being pursued in different countries.
Excellent contributions from the manic Pension Stammheim NDW, the danceable side of Colin Potter, Belgium's finest: Cortex, our very own Portion Control and America's Shame. Exposure are just a few of the delights on the first tape, and that's leaving out a magnificent opus from DDAA.
Tape two continues the mutant dance mould with Beats Per Minute, the haunting Hunting Lodge, Sluik and stormers from Cor Dur and the Merciless Ponies.
This is one of the finest compilations of immediate, accessible, unknown music since 'Rising From The Red Sand', Buy, buy, buy."
Sounds 17/12/83
Side A:01. Pension Stammheim - Ndw Rap.
02. Colin Potter - Yoursmine.
03. Cortex - Cortex X.
04. M.B - Aktivität (excerpt).
05. Sueño Sueño Nën.
Side B:01. Portion Control - Collapsed.
02. Oppression Breeds Violence - D Day.
03. D.D.A.A. - Yroto.
04. Shame, Exposure - Untitled.
Side C:01. Beats Per Minute - Fetish Abuse.
02. Hunting Lodge - Excerpt from PS02 II.
03. Utilisation Du Vieux Port - Accès Inachevès.
04. Sluik - Helen Is Dead 8-10-82.
05. Pseudo Code - Drunk.
Side D:01. Merciless Ponies - Flying Pests PT 1&2.
02. Cor Dur - Stranded 2 Steps From Heaven.
03. Beats Per Minute - Unchested.
04. André De Konig - Party Talk.
05. Vovokai - De Teleurstelling.
06. Hunting Lodge - Astral Bell.
07. Bene Gesserit - Hymne Au Ver.
Excellent minimal synth compilation tape from 1982
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Anonymous said...

awesome comp, thanks again msounds, would you have any colin potter albums you'd recommend?, his tracks keep standing out on the various comps I've heard.


Exeter said...

I bought this when it came out and have not had a chance to listen to it in ages!
Thanks for this great post! I keep thinking I must have downloaded every jewel on your blog by now, but I keep finding these that I have missed!

Maestro said...


Sadly, "Three Times A Day,2x45 tape,1982" is removed.

Please share it again.

Anonymous said...

ehi guys you can grab it here

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