Sunday, November 9, 2008

Dave Jones-It's Early Days,1981 + Room Thoughts,1983 + Second Attempt,1982 + Tansel,1984, tapes ,UK

Following my previous post of Dave Jones tape, here's the rest(i think) of his disk(actually tape)-ografy. Fantastic spacey electronics soundscapes all through,yet with a minimal synth feeling. # of them released through ICR and 1 is privately released.
get them here,here, here and here


Anonymous said...

some of my favorite music ever created
so evocative, perfect for doing things and thinking things

anything else so wonderful?

i've listened to Goerge Garside which is bleaker and its not as orchestral as that Swedish guy

- just absolutely perfect

no jimi hendrix of course but we cant all be bach

Anonymous said...

thanx frum urkenny

Anonymous said...

great stuff, many many thanks

a real discoery