Sunday, May 18, 2008

Stringtronics - Mindbender,LP,1972,France

Damn groovy library music LP,that was released in 1972 through Peer label.Actually a compilation of tracks by some of the "masters" of the genre:
A1 Barry Forgie Mindbender
A2 Barry Forgie Mediterranee
A3 Barry Forgie Ballata
A4 Barry Forgie Haunted
A5 Barry Forgie Catharsis
B1 Barry Forgie Dawn Mists
B2 Anthony Mawer Undercover Girl
B3 Anthony Mawer Freedom Road
B4 Nino Nardini Afro-Samba
B5 Nino Nardini Tropicola
B6 Roger Roger Safari Park
B7 Roger Roger Perdition
Great space funky crased out tunes!Considered as one of the Holy Grails of library music genre!
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Anonymous said...

This is a belter of a record; and not a wiff of cheese in range; perhaps the most consistant and flawless library record I've heard. Cheers for the post Mr Mutant.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant lib chamber music. Big thank-you from Berlin!

Anonymous said...

Please use another file storage. Rapidshare allows only 1 free download per day.

Anonymous said...

Missing ID3tags

Anonymous said...

anonymous said...
"Please use another file storage. Rapidshare allows only 1 free download per day."

err, do you even know how to use Rapidshare? if your only getting 1 per day then you don't know jack about rapidshare and how to use it.
Download the file, after thats done if you DL another file you will see in red how much time you need to wait B4 you can DL again.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry,
this part in RED and below that is the time in which you have to wait...
"You have reached the download-limit for free-users. Want to download more?" -look below this line.

Zak said...

OK, you got me - what's library music? (awaiting snarky reply)

pompel said...

many thanks for this album.

Ian said...

Truly one of the best--just immaculately produced (especially the Barry Forgie tracks), stunning.

Thanks, for this and all others.

Anonymous said...

Library and olde electronix appreciaters should enjoy this free mixture of micro samples and full tracks, available at:

Only just discovered Mutant Sounds ... it's my new favourite site! Many thanks

Milian said...

Awesome...and sounding so strong every trak!
Appreciated M

Foo said...

Glad I came across this album. The current electronica/rock band Sound Tribe Sector 9 has a song, "THIS,US". That is almost an exact cover of the track "Hunted" on this is the link if you won't to compare

montyman said...

I Am a friend of L.G. Mair and I talked to him tonite and he wants to contribute to your site. He is a bit of a ludite and most of his stuff is on cassette tape so he is going to have to send me the stuff to transfer to file and post, but maybe in a few weeks I can send you some links. If you want any info write me at

pollux said...


Anonymous said...

buy the reissue record if you like!

FLAPS McGee said...

@ Z-Man, Library Music is like any substance abuse, once you start on it you can't quit, there's an endless supply, you can try to bleed the well, bring buckets of it up from the deep, but you'll never find the bottom

Unknown said...

Please.. Can you repost it? Or send it to me @ ?? Really need it!!

Very nice post!