Monday, May 12, 2008

Alex(aka Alex Oriental Experience) -Alex,1973+That's the deal,1975.,LPs,Germany

Magnificent Kraut meets Oriental albums by one of the considered pioneers of the genre. Members of Can participated in these first two records(inc.Jaki Liebezeit,Helmut Hattler,Horst Stachelhaus and others). These 2 first records of Alex Wiska came with simply his name:Alex and are much more oriental/Turkish rock oriented.His later ones are under the name Alex Oriental Experience and are much more space rock /kraut oriented. Many comparisons were made with the Turkish band Cem Karaca(coming soon here) .Great saz tunes by Alex and good accompanied by some of the brightest names of German rock scene.Highly recommented... not to be missed!
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Chem Dubmaster said...

Beautiful, thanks for the upload

Anonymous said...

awesome thanks!

Tomás said...

Ou this man look so sexy.
i'm downloading it.

Our Blog is like a third mundist tribute of your blog.
Mutant thanks for all.

Bilek said...

great stuff (I already have both from krautrock blog & 8 days in april)

Actually Cem Karaca is (was... RIP) a person rather than a band. He had his own bands, though, Apaslar (Apaches), Kardaslar (Brothers, which Alex Wiska played), a brief collaboration with Mogollar (a.k.a. Les Mogol in France, another important band in Turkish prog rock scene) Dervisan (Dervishes), Edirdahan (a blending of the names of two cities in Turkey's westernmost and easternmost points), etc. more info:

I hope you can come up with stuff I've been searching for (from Cem Karaca). His Germany albums are very rare, and it's difficult to find a decent copy. for the record, an expanded edition of Alex's first album from 1993 (named Tales of Purple Sally) includes the magnificent first single of Kardaslar band from 1970, Alex on two Turkish traditional string instruments! highly recommended.

(btw; that word verification is damn hard! why don't you deal with it ;) ?)

Anonymous said...

Dear Mutant.
Great. I like all sorts of music. Kraut, NDW, Zeuhl, Ambient, dark, pastoral Residents etc. This blog is a true treasurechest!

Ha! A request a CD by Auyo with Peter Hammill. Not exactly your cup of tea, I suppose, but can't find it.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I'd never bothered looking for these as I never thought I would find them and, of course I trip over them here. I was not familiar with Alex, although I did know that there was a definite connection with the classic German rock band Can on this one. Indeed instantly identifiable rhythm section of Jaki Leibezeit (drums and percussion) and Holger Czukay (bass) are very present in both of these recordings and are essential to any Can fans album collection. It reminds me a lot of Can from around the period of Flow Motion or maybe Landed. Highly recommended!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yep, very nice record. "CAN going East :) )

There's actually no big resemblance to Cem Karaca (his Safinaz, at least, which I have). Cem Karaca is much more oriental in sound and especially in vocals. And is closer to traditional melodic art-rock rather than to kraut.