Thursday, May 8, 2008


With their detuned and wobblingly mutable attack that staggers between lumber/bellow/screech sturm und drang and artfully elusive jerry-rigged constructs of rhythm box, radio and slithering little guitar figures that spit flecks of rust off their corroded strings as they're agitated, Neue Deutsch Welle weirdniks Soundmaschine here effectively set up camp in the theater of operations/theatre of the absurd staked out by the Geniale Dilletanten mob (Die Todliche Doris, Einsturzende Neubauten, Sprung Aus Den Wolken, Frieder Butzmann A good 'un.

NOTE: Due to it's idiosyncratic structure, it's nearly impossible to discern where one track ends and another begins on this tape, so I've ripped each side as one track.

Get pt. 1 Here

Get pt. 2 Here


Anonymous said...

Any chance of a tracklisting? The scan's just a little too small to make out details (I can see "seite 1" and "seite 2", but not the full text under each of them)

Anonymous said...

ah, the one inside the archive is much biggerer! Never mind :-).

Anonymous said...

Soundmaschine was a cassette by joachim stender, member of the pioneering early ndw group p.d., joined by rlw (p.d./later p16.d4). some of the pieces appeared in dramatically different versions a year later on the p.d.: inweglos LP (Selektion 1980).

Anonymous said...