Thursday, May 8, 2008


For those with an ear cocked to the kosmiche, Franco Battiato was perhaps the most formidable presence on the Italian 70's scene and the first two of his four tracks here (originally issued as a single in 1972) are the precise sort of mind erasing acid godhead that listeners to his first five albums have come to anticipate; all scything and burbling VCS3 synth haze, Upfull acid guitar filigree and soaring and poignance-twanging vocal keening (the lesser third cut, "Stranniza D'Ammuri" from three years later anticipates his more mainstream pop tendencies that'd manifest themselves later). If I have the story straight, the connective through line for this compilation is that in addition to the four proper Battiato cuts featured here, he was also responsible for producing the remaining tracks here by Casmisasca and Osage Tribe for the Bla Bla label. I've no idea how Camisasca's material squares with that featured on his highly touted solo album from the period (which I've yet to hear), but his five cuts here are a lovely melange of elements, the first two in more of a sophisticated prog pop mode somewhere between Godley & Creme and 801's "Listen Now", the next three veering between Lord Krishna Von Goloka acid folk and explicitly Battiato-ish psychotropic overdrive. The one Osage Tribe cut here is a blazing krautrock-ish sounding power trio shitstorm replete with intoning choral vocals. Please do yourselves a collective favor though and omit listening to the howlingly awful and depressing new version of "La Convenzione" that Battiato felt was necessary to tack on the end here. It's a definitive turd in the punchbowl and after having this monster compilation buffet you from one sublime acid fantasia to another, it's a cold kick in the nuts to be confronted by an 80's-hair-metal-sounding (or whatever this rot qualifies as) version of one of his masterpieces from the 70's, a track that truly proves how much he lost the plot (and evidently the pot) after his glory days in the 70's.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for all post friends.

Please I find a disc for years. Strafe für Rebellion "Moor"...if somebady it has in mp3 or other format that is contacted with me to my mail

Thanks again

Anonymous said...

Great post, but I wish I had taken your advice and skipped the last track! You can find Juri Camisaca's album here
Listening to this has got me curious about some of the other Bla-bla albums. Do you happen to have Osage Tribe - Arrow head or Genco Puro & Co - Area di servizio?

Electric Voodoo said...

Yep, Thanks E. Upstairs in the Studio.

Anonymous said...

The Osage Tribe album is great if you like heavy prog frenzy, but I believe it's probably still available on cd, so it wouldn't be right to post it here I would guess.
I look forward to listening to this... the first track on the Osage Tribe album is with Battiato, not sure if that is the same track given here...
I was wondering, vdoandsound, if you personally had the Coma album Financial Tycoon to repost here? The person who posted it ages ago missed out the last few tracks; they said at the time they'd re-post the missing tracks soon, but it never happened. If someone could help out, that'd be great.

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lovely. i like

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great thing.... himalaya is my disco of the year...


Congratulations for your work are obvious.
Maybe you'd like to see this one, and maybe you could consider a link exchange.

Anonymous said...

Franco's Clic, Fetus and Pollution LPs are his best. You really can't go wrong with them. Great to see any mention of Franco Battiato. Had my first mushroom trip to his Clic and never looked back.

Anonymous said...

thanks again for this one, too. Marvellous.
Perhaps another request:

Space Art - Play back

The first two albums were rereleased by Spalax but not this one, I believe. (and neither was the 1989 issue of their 'Best of').
Curious again... :)



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Duck said...

Clic, Fetus, and Pollution are all great; but don't forget Sulle Corde di Aries, which tops 'em all.

Thanks for this one, including the warning!

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