Thursday, May 1, 2008

Neuronium-Quasar 2C361,LP,1977,Spain

Here,'s a classic synth/space album.The 1st Neuronium LP ,recorded in 1977 much close in the Atem era Tangerine Dream and Klaus Schultze sound. A wonderfull cosmic electronics work (or psychotronic as they usually call it).
Here a short biography from
Neuronium is a Barcelona, Spain based electronic music group. It was founded in 1976 by keyboardist/synthesist Michel Huygen, keyboardist/synthesist/guitarist Carlos Guirao and multi-instrumentalist Albert Giménez. This lineup released two albums for EMI-Harvest, "Quasar 2C361" in 1977 and "Vuelo Quimico" (Chemical Flight) in 1978.
With the departure of Giménez the group continued as a duo but was joined on their third album, "Digital Dream" (1980), and their fourth album, "The Visitor" (1981), by guest guitarist Santi Pico. After the release of the fifth album, "Chromium Echoes" (1982), Guirao departed. Since then Neuronium has become synonymous with Huygen, either solo, with Santi Picó, or with guest musicians. On most albums released between 1983 until 1996 Neuronium was the duo of Huygen and Picó with both musicians listed as full members. Three Huygen solo efforts were released under the Neuronium name during that time as well. Picó also returned for an appearance on the album "Alienikon" (1999).
Huygen has termed Neuronium's music as "psychotronic music" and "cosmic electronic music". Neuronium (Huygen and Guirao) collaborated with Vangelis on the album "A Separate Affair", recorded in 1981 and released in 1996.

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Anonymous said...

awesome! always glad to find these 70s synth/space buried treasures on your blog. the Zanov post was great too, I had found Moebius on another blog but did not know he had other work... "Green Ray" is brilliant!

-luminous insect

ufo said...

another fine posting! always eagerly looking forward to what you come up with....thanx!

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The link is bad, any chance of a fix?

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Link is dead, FYI :(

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