Sunday, May 18, 2008

Yiannis Dimitras and Maria Katira - Erana ,LP,1978,Greece

Here's a 6-star rarity from Pokora's Record Collector dreams.A greek LP by Yiannis Dimitras and Maria Katira, both involved in the early 70s greek music idiom called "neo kyma"(new wave).Collaborated in the 70s with M. Hadjidakis,Mikis Theodorakis, these are the so called left winged artists of the greek early 70s( everything innovative and liberal in the junta period was considered left winged).This LP is excellent acoustic acid folk much inspired by greek traditional music (especiaally music from Ipeiros).Acoustic organs mostly,excellent voices,blending the green sunny atmosphere of greek land and the blue sea of Aegean(this sounds a bit like advertisement for Grce,which was not actually intended) .Anyway,highly recommented to every acid folk fan.

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RTC said...

Listening to the first track and it's very very nice!

Thanx for this...

EJ said...

Thanks for posting this. Any idea where I can find the track listing in Greek?

Anonymous said...

what a lurvely lp.....thank you...! Would it be too mundane to request 'read only memory' by chrome? It's so beautiful, but i cannot find it anywhere in the blogosphere!

Fantastikoi Hxoi said...

unbelievable, thanks

Anonymous said...

wonderful!! this blog is pure inspiration and never predictable. thank you so much. :A

spacefreak said...

Track list:

Omoia fili kai alati
Piano kai grafo mia grafi
Gemise o ypnos mou oneira
Pano se kataspro sentoni
Gie mou
To spiti mou to sfalisa
Rodo, rodo ginomeno
Ta ploia vouliaksan
To oneiro
Mnimi Dion. Solomou

All music by Kikos Tatsis
Lyrics by Kostas Papageorgiou
Singers: G. Dimaras - M. Katira

A Manos Hatzidakis production
Columbia 70895
Year 1978

Costas said...

eisai terastios!gracias!

Anonymous said...

με συγκινεις για αλλη μια φορα,οπως τοτε που εβαλες το νεκροπολις του Θαναση Ζλατανου.....Νικος Πατριτσοπουλος