Thursday, May 1, 2008

Dorothy Carter-Troubadour,LP,1976,UK

Dorothy Carter was a very talented folk musician, born in the late 30s(i think 1937 ) and sadly died in 2003.Playing hammered dulcimer and psaltery and some flutes she is creating excellent contemporary folk with much medieval elements .But in my opinion what is outstanding is her voice,that gives in all the otherwise traditional folk songs a very weird feeling that sometimes touches the weirdness found in Comus recordings!This is her first LP .IMHO highly recommented to fans of folk/acid folk music.

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Jeremy said...

amazing voice, her 2nd album is my favorite (Wailee Wailee). Robert Rutman guests on his "steel cello"...

mutant sounds is always great

Anonymous said...

nice find
thanks for posting
would like to hear Wailee Wailee sometime

Posted by: Stéphane
'Born in New York City in 1935, “Miss Dorothy” began studying classical piano at age 6; she studied at Bard College in New York, the London Royal Academy and Guildhall School of Music in France. She is survived by a son and daughter, Justin and Celeste Carter of New Orleans, and a grandson, Damien Carter. Along with her recording career with the Mediaeval Baebes, she recently released a CD, titled “Dorothy Carter, 2003” and has also produced two

albums, “Troubadour” and “Waillee Waillee”.

Dorothy performed at concert halls, music festivals and coffee houses worldwide playing unusual stringed instruments such as dulcimer, zither, psaltery and Hurdy-Gurdy. She co-founded the Mediaeval Baebes eight years ago after

meeting Katharine Blake in Germany on the Cabaret circuit.'

M said...

The cover alone makes this a must hear!

Thanks for sharing!

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Max said...

I love this blog but it would be nice if you use my rip & my photo to at least mention this was already posted (and actually is till up) at

AllenS said...

THe Troubadour album was recorded at Studio B in Boston.
We found Dorothy sitting on the sidewalk on Boylston St
and invited her up to the studio

mutantsounds said...

max-->i never been in your blog before,moreover ,this is not your was send from a friend on cd...perhaps he got it from you...besides,google search gives no results to your post

Max said...

It is my rip--I dled & compared the files & I took those photos--but I understand that stuff gets passed around. I'm also not sure why google didn't work for you--when I do a search for "dorothy carter" it's the 1st hit I get. Anyway I'm not angry--it's just a question of etiquette. Perhaps a link to my blog?

Anonymous said...

Anyone have a track listing for this album? Can't find it searching google.

Anonymous said...

Pretty funny to see people upset about using rips & photos without credit... Maybe it helps you get an idea how musicians feel when you post their stuff online...?