Thursday, May 1, 2008

Boneschi Electronic Combo -Sounds Electronic,LP,1973,Italy

Great LP of library electronic music that sometimes is funny and naive but in some parts very weird reminding Residents era recordings.No infos found of who is behind this project but remours want it to be Nino Nardini.A song from here was chosen by Luke vibert and was included in his Nuggets series.

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Anonymous said...

This was Giampiero Boneschi from Italy, who produced more than twenty electronic LPs for library labels (such as CAM and Music Scene) in the 70's-early 80's. Most of them were really good and in some cases highly original and inventive.

Anonymous said...

Well, Boneschi has made much more electronic library records than I thought. I've checked my record collection and I counted 28 LPs by G. Boneschi. And this is only about half of all his releases. Kind of an Italian Roger Roger!

Anonymous said...

that's amazing! Thanks for that share. Boneschi was one of my favourites off the Barry 7s vol 2 thing that got me started with Library music. Great blog, many thanks

Anonymous said...

Is there any Ondes Martenot in Boneschi's output... My guess would be yes since Roger Roger use also this instrument in his recording. It was an instrument used a lot in library music... Excuse my ignorance but Boneschi is a discovery. Thanks a lot.


Unknown said...

I confirm !
Thanks a lot for your share-work!
More library is welcome of course!
I am here on this page
where you can have information on library and music in general. (you are welcome to join this network btw)

Cheers from Belgium.

Anonymous said...

I am the same 'anonymous' who intially mentioned Boneschi in the first two messages of this discussion.

Giampiero Boneschi was a 'maestro', he studied music, he payed jazz in the 40's-50's, he directed an orchestra in the 60's and often performed on Italian TV programs with famous singers. But there was also another side of him: library music. Here he was really free to express himself and his genius, with all kind of electronic music that you can think of. He has been active until recently. His LPs on CaM labels are particularly excellent. On-pair with other Italian visionaries like Piero Umiliani, Marcello Giombini, Alessandro Alessandroni. BTW, in my collection I have some hundreds Italian library LPs, including of course Boneschi.

Cheers, Paolo

spinalfrog said...

Great album.
My fledgeling love of library music is taking wing