Friday, May 16, 2008


Though the snarkily deconstructionist L.A.F.M.S.-like tendencies that this Aussie experimental electronic act exhibited on their debut (posted by Jim many moons ago care of blog friend The Eeleemon Machine, who also provided this gem) begin to creep back into their sonic palatte as this tape passes the half way mark, much of what's present here on their follow-up works a seam of experimentation thats startlingly prescient in both it's approach to electronic rhythm construction (wetly popping and minimalistically percolating) and the turbid pools of quease atmospherics it periodically sets on simmer, some of which wouldn't sound out of place on an Ekkehard Ehlers album. Count me as legitimately astonished. photo is available. Anyone out there that can help?

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Frenchbloke said...

no cover but the track El Kabong was produced by Tom Ellard.

I presume it's the same one listed on

also the tauchsieder album listed above it has been flac'd and made available from the band's website

Anonymous said...

El Kabong is not on this release.
Not sure it ever came out officially. Stripling Bog released about 3 other Yclept Dinmakers releases [Klinger the Blowies, Chew It and Crackpot Sounds IS Ours] plus a compilation 'S.S.Minnow'
featuring Megaflesh Day Spunks, Halberd, Harold and the Bananas and λhelpk ώaemon. 2MBS used to play this on Green Tea in the 1980's. Yclept Dinmakers also did a live to air on the same program. I have a poorly recorded copy of it somewhere - God knows where!

Anonymous said...

I also remember Yclept on Green Tea.....not sure if Halberd played live there as I'm sure they'd have been great, I heard a song of their's once on 2SER...can't remember the title of the song, but I have the cassette somewhere, the show was called Seamus O'Sean ( true )

Anonymous said...

I'd really like to hear more Yclept material and I hope it appears on this blog in the future.

I would also really like to know more about the history of the Dinmakers - who was involved, for example. I'm a young Australian born in 1990 and I know almost nothing about the 80's experimental electronic scene!

If anyone could post some biographical information here I would appreciate it greatly.

Anonymous said...

hexwarden said...

I've been in contact with them - they are based in Sydney, New South Wales, with one member from Dalmeny. They have a new album coming soon (don't worry they've given mutant-sounds their blessing, happy that people are interested in this early material). Vanished Thumbs was their debut release. They were unfortunately unable to help on the image front.

Anonymous said...

Cyclic Defrost Issue 23 reveals that Yclept Dinmakers included/was one Paul Gough aka Pimmon