Sunday, May 18, 2008

Charlie Nothing/Brother Frederic:'The Psychedleic Saxophone/In Eternity,LP,1967,USA

Multi artist Charlie nothing passed away last October.This is his freaky jazz psych improvisation LP from 1967 ,released through Takoma label.Freaked out impovisations for sax and bongos creating an anarchic,noisy soundscape.Charlie was one of the most important underground US performers, but also sculptor and musician.R.I.P.
as requested,
This is going to be re-issued very soon through De Stijl label.I bet it will be very limited edition ,so you guys interested keep your eyes open!


Anonymous said...

very very nice,top effort.

phil said...

is there supposed to be a link to this? cheers!

Anonymous said...

is there a link to download? maybe i didnt see it?

Anonymous said...

ne mention by DeStijl on their site, am jonzing to hear this dude if he was on takoma.

Anonymous said...

Hi i coudn`t find the link for downlaod, could yu send it to this e-mail?

BIG STANKY said...

hello, would like to hear this? got any linkage?