Monday, May 12, 2008

Liquid Visions - Teonanacatl,1997(?),Unreleased(?) LP,Germany

This is the so called lost LP by Liquid Visions , kindly presented to us by their singer,Psyched Alex.Great trippy organ based sounds ,floating lysergic soundscapes,acid sitar jams...a great psychedelic LP,pity it wasn't released.

Thank you very much Alex!
get it here


ufo said...

tanx! great posts, as usual!

qwertzuiop13 said...

thanks very much!!!
the best psychedelic music when you're stoned, or on some other drugs, but as well when your sober =)

Anonymous said...

If you like the Liquids, check out THE MAGNIFICENT BROTHERHOOD! ...Feat. Liquid Visions members. RRRRReally nice new band!!!

Anonymous said...

hi! sounds interesting. can you please re-upload mp3s?