Thursday, May 1, 2008

Bitter Blood Street Theatre-vol.2,LP,1978,USA

Following my previous post of Vol.1 here comes vol.2 of Bitter blood Street theatre. This time less hard rocky and more psychedelic,yet moving to weirder paths that foresaw their outcome as the wonderfull Blacklight Braille(anyone got their 80s LPs for share please?).

get it here


Anonymous said...

Thanks very much for Bitter Blood Street Theatre 2 - as with the first one, it's awesome. I wouldn't agree that it's less hard rock and more psychedelic than the first volume, the mix seems about the same to me.

IMI said...

Great! I've only seen volume 1 ever posted on line. Thx.

BOG said...

looks good, keen to hear this, thanks for ya efforts

Indeterminacy said...

Thanks for sharing these ultra-rare LPs. I'm originally from Cincinnati and have one record of BB. Used to hang out in the coolest downtown shop (early 80's), Aquarius Bookstore, run by one of the bandmembers. I recall around a dozen releases available in the shop. Too bad I only bought one.