Sunday, May 18, 2008

Pinja Dzazna-Amuva Heed ,2002+Funky's Dad ,2004,CD-rs,Slovenia(?)

Here's one of my newest finds.Pinja Dzazna,a great slovenian(?) band presented to me by one of it's members ,Klemen(thanks pal). Combining free jazz,distorted pop-ish tunes ,folk and some baroque and classical tunes these guys create a wonderful atmosphere ,rminding a crazed out mix of Univers Zero,Sun Ra, with hints of 60s coctail music(!) and Balkan folkish tunes. Wonderful!If you understand the language be sure to visit their website.Unfortunately no infos were found in languages i can understand.
get them here and here


Anonymous said...

Hey! Thanks for adding us ... Sorry for lack of info! Yes we are from Slovenia, and the only video so far is in slovene ... bur, there are some you tube videos ... like these one (

take care!

Anonymous said...

poskouchny is my new favourite song in the world, i listen to it 17 times per day