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Both Jim and I have posted umpteen titles by this berserk Neue Deutsche Welle avatar over time. Here's one of his most essential. Butzmann has been plying overt eccentricity for quite some time, as "Wundershone Ruckkoppelungen" (released archivally on Vinyl-On-Demand) documents via his work from the late 60's/early 70's, though he'd find his true metier during the NDW zeitgeist, a period during which his work was hugely influential, having been an early member of D.A.F. "Das Madchen..." was Butzmann's second full length missive to gain release under his own name (he also operated as Din-A Testbild), after "Vertrauensmann Des Volkes" and it's a stunner. While the dadaist tendencies and overt Residentialisms that he's become known for are much in evidence here, the sleeve's Sky Records-like graphics are no mistake either, as much of this successfully situates his mad hatter gambits within more overtly synthy climates, climaxing with the brain damaging "Incendio", a monster track with a vertigo-inducing electronic hysteria to it that begs comparison with none other than Igor Wakhevitch's Dr. Faust!

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Anonymous said...

I saw him live a few months ago. Still as witty as ever!

This release is indeed essential Dadaism. I looked for years before finding a decent copy.

Brrrm brm brm brmmmm... auto tu-tuuuuut!

Best regards to the crew,

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automating said...

I've been so rude lately...I decided to make a thank & congratulion each time a post here is awesome to my hear and this one is. You know next Fryday i will be "coumfortinably" been seeing Throbbing Gristle live in front of my eyes at La Villette Sonic Super Sound Festival here in Paris ! And this Freyder Butzmann is really awesome regarding all this. (shit)

Gianni aka Cesare Barbetta said...

crazy lp!
I like it!

Anonymous said...

great post! two small corrections, though:
Frieder Butzmann never was a member of DAF (you probably thought of Chrislo Haas or Kurt PYROLATOR Dahlke, two other german New Wave synth wizards who were both involved with early DAF), and he neither was in Din A Testbild.
The only group he was in (to my knowledge) was LIEBESGIER, together with Gudrun Gut and Bettina Koester, a short-lived Berlin No Wave outfit, paving the way for MANIA D and MALARIA. They recorded only 4 (live) tracks, which can be found on the GERAEUSCHE FUER DIE 80ER compilation on ZickZack. No synth stuff here, by the way, as Butzmann played sax...
(The original LIEBESGIER line-up was in fact joined by Tabea Blumenschein, an artist coming from the periphery of DIE TOEDLICHE DORIS, on the legendary/notorious RESIDENTS-style christmas 7inch given away for free to subscribers of the german "Sounds" magazine, but that was released as a collaboration of the artists and not under the group moniker..)

vdoandsound said...

Anonymous-Regarding his work with Din A Testbild and DAF, please see:


both of which seem to verify my comments. That said, I somehow missed the whole Din A Testbild
thing, since I wasn't aware there
was a Butzmann association before
putting together this post, so I'm no expert on these matters...


this is astonishing

Anonymous said...

hmmm... I'm quite sure that discogs is wrong in this regard (it lists Butzmann also as an ex-member of DAF), and probably the linked article is the source of this misconception... (the article also claims that Butzmann was the man behind the "Zensor" shop and label, which, in fact, was Butzmann's buddy Burkhard Seiler...)

Neither does Butzmann mention DIN A TESTBILD on his website (, nor does Mark Eins, head of DIN A TESTBILD, list Butzmann as a member on his resumé (

That said, Butzmann is in fact listed as keyboard player on the german wikipedia page for DIN A TESTBILD (

Probably there's only one way to know for sure: to ask the man himself... (

Anonymous said...

this is so ultra sick
thanks a lot

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

What a inspiration this record gives.
Thanx very much!