Sunday, May 18, 2008

Minotaurus- Rain over Thessalia ,LP,1970,Germany/Greece(?)

Strange folk (?)lp by this band,that to me remains mystery if they are Greeks or Germans.The whole LP consists of 10 instrumental songs that are evidently nothing else than rockish re-incarnations of Greek folk dances,titles are mostly in Greek,i dunno...Possibly they were Greeks expelled by junta trying to play greek folk music in hippy vein.Oh, don't fool yourselves they got nothing to do with Minotaurus that released Fly Away in the mid 70s. This was released through Thorofon label just after the release of the EmTiDi first LP.

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Anonymous said...

thanks mutant, quite a good tripped out find!

Anonymous said...

I have contacted a member of the band in 1997 from whome I got to copies of this LP. They were a Greek band. all the band members lived and worked in Germany and by my knowledge two of them are still there. Even if their music isn't something pioneering Rain Over Thessalia is an obscure release for the standards of Greek music (especially of this era). I don't know about the rarity of this album but it is a really good piece in my collection