Friday, May 11, 2007


This one-time Omoide Hatoba guitarist and current Acid Mothers Temple member really lets loose with some spiraling, ripping acid guitar fury on the first of the two tracks that comprise this 100 copy release (though the insert strangely suggests that there are four), made all the more piercing for the fact that it erupts out of the surface of the dewy pools of synthetic tranquility that Tsuyama limns the rest of this cut with. Track two is where it really goes for broke though (for better or worse...or both), the psych initially taking a decided turn toward the more formally structured, ultimately ascending into full-on krautrock mania before zooming in and out of structure and focus (and falling down the occasional rabbit hole) and finally climaxing in a truly absurd miscegenation of stumbling retarded caveman rock, effected vocals and sampled symphonic brass arrangements.

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Also available as a web release from

> Tsuyama Atsushi - Raichou [LF073MP3]
> Free MP3 and PDF format artwork for the printable.
> Tsuyama is a very unique mountaineer, known as a bass player of Acid
> Mothers Temple
> & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. Also he plays in other bands, for
> example
> Omoidehatoba,
> Akaten, etc. His musical unique sense based on Trad Music and
> 70s'Japanese Pops,
> 70s'Hardrock. This album featured his dark-side of music, boost his
> sense of humour.
> In past, sold as tour CDr on AMT's europe tours.
> ----------------------------------------
> ----------------------------------------
> * Free MP3 with Artwork is licensed under a Creative Commons License.
> Read the license before you download MP3 from this Web site.

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