Thursday, May 3, 2007

Andrea Tich-Masturbati,LP,1978,Italy

Here's a great Cramps records release from 1977.I couldn't get much info about Abdrea Tich as most of those found were in Italian language(and it's not my strong point for sure).The record is a weird Zappa-esque twisted rock and ballads with much progressive blend and experimental hints ,well hidden behind compositions. I guess Italian people nd those speaking Italin language ,will enjoy it more as they will understand the lyrics which are satyrical reffering to gay life (that's all i could understand ,from descriptions ,with my poor italian).
Overall a very essential LP.

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Anonymous said...

Really interesting piece!



Amateur Athletics said...

Fell in love with this record after checking it on the blog. I'm now a proud owner. Nice!


really enjoyig this thanks so much!!